Embolon Theatre

Matilda and Ryan established Embolon Theatre in 2016 to produce their writing for the stage. In 2017 they won a Residency at the Camden People’s Theatre to research and develop a new comedy experience - a show which deceives its audience. Embolon Theatre has shown work at Summerhall in Edinburgh as part of their ‘Other Faces’ event, and at the Battersea Arts Centre.


Matilda and Ryan first started writing together on alt-clown comedy act BEARD, which they co-wrote with Rosa Robson, and was performed by Matilda and Rosa. The 2015 show, ‘The Grin of Love’, won Laugh Out London’s BEST SHOW AT THE FRINGE award - ‘A truly exceptional piece of work...after a masterful hour the show ended with a standing ovation that was so richly deserved that I was nearly brought to tears...a genuine masterpiece’.